Call for internationally leading organisations to host study visits of researchers and research administrators from Widening countries

The NCP_WIDERA.NET project invites internationally leading research institutions from Spain, Germany, Italy and Finland, to host a three-day study visit consisting of promising researchers or research managers and administrators* (RMAs) from Widening countries**.

The main objective of study visits is to provide researchers, research managers and administrators (RMAs) from Widening countries with the opportunity to access excellent practices and networks. We believe that by visiting leading research organisations, the Widening participants can learn valuable lessons and share them back home to increase the competitiveness of their organisations.

* Research management can take many shapes: research policy advisers, research managers, financial support staff, data stewards, research infrastructure operators, knowledge transfer officers, business developers, knowledge brokers, and innovation managers, according to WIDERA WP 2021-2022, page 75.

**Widening countries perform below the EU average in Research and Innovation. According to Horizon regulations, they are the following:

  • Member states: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • Associated countries to Horizon Europe: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo 2, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Morocco, Tunisia, Ukraine, Faroe Islands
  • Outermost regions of Portugal and Spain, and France.

General information

The scientific field of a study visit can be linked to any of the EU Green Deal‘s objectives or any domain of research and innovation addressed under Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

The calls for interest for applicants will be launched after the selection of the Host Organisations to ensure a maximum fit between participants and the Host Organisations. Separate study visits will be dedicated to researchers and RMAs.

Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the NCP_WIDERA.NET project via consortium partners participating Widening countries.

    Benefits to the Host Organisations

    Host Organisations could observe many benefits which could be linked, but not limited, to the following:

    • Access funding opportunities available under the WIDERA programme area of Horizon Europe for providing mentorship for the advancement of research-based organisations and ecosystems in Widening countries
    • Explore collaboration options under the Hop-On facility, other Horizon Europe funding opportunities, or other EU programmes and instruments.
    • Explore interdisciplinary approaches in their research activities
    • Enhancing their international cooperation activities by expanding their collaborative network in the Widening countries.

      Timeline of Study Visits

      NCP_WIDERA.NET project foresees at least 6 study visits throughout its duration (until January 2025).

      The approximate date for the first study visit is: 4th quarter of 2023
      We are willing to pre-arrange study visits in advance throughout 2024

      Number of participants per study visit: Up to 25.
      The number depends on the capacity of the Host Organisation

      Eligible costs for Host Organisations

      Host Organisations may be reimbursed by the partner of the NCP_WIDERA.NET project, located in the same country, with a maximum reimbursable amount of up to 4,000 euros (it is not a lump-sum amount).

      They can claim the cost on the following basis:

      • Personnel costs of the members directly involved in a study visit
      • Purchase costs associated with hospitality activities, transportation costs, etc.
      • Research consumables if justified by the training or other relevant activities of the agenda

      Other cost categories directly linked to the agenda are not excluded, provided they are agreed with the NCP_WIDERA.NET project.

        Indicative agenda items

        The agenda of each study visit will be developed in co-operation with the host organisations, while at the same time taking into account the interests of the participants. These topics may include:

        1. Study visits for researchers

        • Knowledge exchange on research approaches/methods
        • Tour of research infrastructures at the Host Organisation
        • Open science practices
        • Data management plans
        • Gender equality plans
        • Funding opportunities of mutual interest
        • Collaboration with non-academic partners (quadruple helix)***
        • IP management and valorisation of research results (if relevant)
        • Specific matters to be identified according to the needs of the participants

        2. Study visits for RMAs:

        • Administrative aspects
        • Proposal writing
        • Legal and financial issues know-how
        • Management of international R&I projects
        • Knowledge transfer from grant support structures in the Host Organisations
        • Valorisation of research
        • Specific matters to be identified according to the needs of the participants (i.e. Ethics, Responsible Research and Innovation, Open Science practices, gender aspects)

        ***Academic institutions (universities and/or non-university research centres or labs), b) business entities, c) public authorities or authorised agencies and d) societal actors (civil society organisations, associations, citizens, end users, media, cultural actors etc.)