NCP_WIDERA.NET supports the capacity and effectiveness of the WIDERA National Contact Points in low performing Member States (MS) and Associated Countries (AC) and fills knowledge gaps to improve access to funding opportunities under the Framework Programmes.

The project aims to support international networking and coordination, and to improve the quality of proposals through better access to services provided by the NCPs during the application process, in particular with regard to Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area, as well as Pillar II actions.

NCP_WIDERA.NET identifies and shares good practices within the NCP community and raises the standard of support provided by NCPs to applicants. It also enables the transnational network of NCPs to better address cross-cutting objectives such as gender equality and open science.

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22 April 2024, Brussels | NCP_WIDERA.NET and CARE4BIO on-site training for applicants back to back with the CBE JU Infoday

On the 22nd of April 2024, the day before the CBE JU Infoday 2024, the training for applicants “How to approach a successful proposal in CBE JU – with experiences from Widening Countries” will take place in Brussels, organised jointly by the NCP_WIDERA.NET and CARE4BIO projects, in collaboration with the CBE JU.

This is an opportunity for 50 potential applicants, interested in WP 2024 CBE JU, to benefit from knowledge and practical approach gained through the experiences of coordinators, especially from Widening Countries, in previous BBI/CBE JU projects, who will be invited as speakers for the training session.

NCP_WIDERA.NET offers travel grants up to 1.000 EUR to applicants from Widening Countries, participating in CBE JU Info Day on 23 April 2024, under specific conditions.

Online registration form | deadline: 17 April 2024

Come join us at the upcoming Pillar II clusters brokerage events

Are you interested in connecting with individuals and organizations who share your goals for collaborative partnerships? Look no further – join us at the upcoming brokerage events. Travel grants are available for attendees from eligible countries.

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Brokerage events travel grants available

We have launched a travel grants programme to support participation of applicants from Widening countries to Pillar II clusters brokerage events organised on-site. You can receive up to 1,000 EUR to cover the costs of your travel and accommodation to a matchmaking event.

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