Invitation for Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs) to apply for the Study Visit at University of Tampere

NCP_WIDERA.NET, the EU-funded project of the network of National Contact Points for Widening Participation and Strengthening of the European Research Area – WIDERA of Horizon Europe (Project no. 101055286), foresees three-day Study Visits to leading research-based organisations from Spain, Germany, Italy and Finland addressed to promising research managers and administrators* (RMAs) from Widening countries**.

The rationale of Study Visits

The main aim of Study Visits is to provide promising research managers and administrators (RMAs) from Widening countries the opportunity to access excellent practices and networks, by visiting leading research-based organisations with a view of taking valuable lessons learnt “home” to their host institutions for better supporting their communities.

Desired experience from RMAs: At least two years of experience. Applicants may have experience in research management, e.g. strategic research development, pre-award and/or post award services, innovation services, research infrastructure development

research policy advisers, research managers, financial support staff, data stewards, research infrastructure operators, knowledge transfer officers, business developers, knowledge brokers, and innovation managers, according to WIDERA WP 2022-2023, page 115.

Member states: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

Associated countries to Horizon Europe: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo 2, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Morocco, Tunisia, Ukraine, Faroe Islands

Outermost regions of Portugal and Spain, and France.

Study visit to University of Tampere

NCP_WIDERRA.NET has the pleasure to invite RMAs to submit an application to the second Study Visit as follows:

Host organization: Tampere University | Research and Innovation Services

Location: Tampere, Finland

Date: 14-16 May 2024

Deadline for applications: 08 April 2024

Deadline for applications for Albania, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Malta, Romania, and Serbia:
15 April 2024 (extended!)

No of participants (RMAs): 25

Information about Tampere University

Tampere University (TAU) is Finland’s second-largest university. The multidisciplinary, foundation-based university conducts scientific research in technology, health and society organized in seven faculties. The university community has 21,000 students and over 4,000 staff members from more than 80 countries. Tampere University’s international Research Assessment Exercise TAU RAE 2022 was carried out as a peer review by three panels for technology, health, and society in order to update the research excellence strategy. The assessment highlighted the importance of internationalization in pursued for excellence. More than 2800 professionals including 300 full professors work at TAU in research and education. TAU has received numerous awards and distinctions such as the EDA Innovation prize.

TAU generates future expertise, sustainable solutions and economic growth through participation in research projects funded by the Research Council of Finland’s i.e. Centres of Excellence and Finnish Flagship Programmes. The topics our Centres of Excellence (CoEs) study range from body-on-chip research to game cultures.

Tampere University receives the largest amount of private businesses funding, among all universities in Finland. TAU together with stakeholders has established several public-private partnerships, e.g. SIX- Sustainable Industry X.

The university’s researcher community and support services have long experience with EU funding. In Finland, TAU has the third largest Horizon Europe project portfolio and ranks with more than 100 HE-projects among the Top-80 organisations in HE. TAU has an excellent track-record in project coordination and management. To this end, HE-projects coordinated by TAU are staffed with a professional HE-project manager located in a team of HE administrative project managers.

The University is member of CoARA and a frontrunner in Open Science. Tampere University Press is a Diamond Open Access publisher. TAU’s research results (annually more than 2500 publications in peer-review scientific periodicals) have significant scientific impact. The dedicated Data Managers at the University’s Research Data Services support researchers in applying the FAIR-principles in data management. Recently, TAU received three-year funding (2024-2026) for the planning and implementation of training professionalizing data stewards. The development of training responds to the growing need to ensure that those working in the field of data management have a strong theoretical foundation and practical skills. This promotes not only the career development of individual professionals, but also Finland’s position as a leading country in data management. The target group will include doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers as well as people who already work in different organisations in data management tasks under different titles. The project also aims to promote the inclusion of data management skills as part of doctoral degree programs.

Research infrastructure for data and computation intensive research has recently been expanded with the inauguration of LUMI, Europe’s most powerful supercomputer. At TAU researchers apply LUMI among other topics in training artificial intelligence for the diagnosis and classification of prostate cancer.

In 2021, the City of Tampere and TAU signed a strategic partnership agreement to provide a platform for new collaborative activities that are geared towards promoting the research-informed development of cities. The City and University jointly develop and demonstrate Human-centered artificial intelligence solutions in the building a smart city. To this end, city development includes planning for access to city’s infrastructure and integration of R&I activities right from the start, e.g. new urban mobility solutions.

Research and Innovation Services: The host of the Study Visit

At Tampere University the R&I dimension is led by the Vice-President for Research, the Deans and Vice-Deans for Research. The Research and Innovation Services combine essential services organized in five teams ranging from Research Development, Pre-award, Post-award, Innovation, and Partnerships. The unit has close to 60 staff members.

The Research and Innovation Services offer in-depth grant writing services since 2015 with currently 5 Grant Writers. The professional pre-award services are matched with post-award services employing 5 full-time administrative Project Managers in Horizon Europe projects coordinated by TAU. The excellence of the services have been acknowledged by the projects’ partners, the European Commission’s Project Officers and Audi